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MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER - Old World Style Mill Grinds Coffee Beans to Perfectly Coarse or Fine Finish; Use for Espresso, Java, Spices, Herbs, Nuts & More. EASY MANUAL HAND CRANK - Unit Requires No Electric Plug; Simply Twist Cog Nut to Change Setting, Load Beans in Bowl & Rotate Ergonomic Handle to Grind. CONVENIENT CATCH DRAWER - Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Mills Directly Into No Mess Container; Open Drawer to Add Cinnamon, Nutmeg, or Cocoa Powder. FUN VINTAGE LOOK - Pure wood bottom base with drawer, super convenient and easy to operate; Ceramic grinding core, can be washed easily, no metal smell, avoid raw heat affecting flavor. We suggest you clean it once a week.. DELIVERS AMAZING FLAVOR - Make Gourmet Beverages at Home With Coffee Maker, French Press or Drip Brewer; Hand Grinding Improves Taste, Acidity & Finish

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